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Café 7 is the Irish distributor of the renowned French coffee company Caron House, a family business since 1974. The new Irish business, Café 7, takes its name from café, the French word for coffee, and the number 7, the symbol of the seed of life. Thibaut Caron, the owner of Café 7, grew up immersed in the coffee industry and is committed to introducing Irish customers to his family’s exceptional coffee.


Café 7 is the exclusive supplier in Ireland for a range of high quality artisanal produce including Caron Le Cafe Coffee and Tea, Goulibeur butter biscuits and La Maison de la Chatine chocolates.

Caron Coffee

Caron Coffee is synonymous with quality coffee in France and was chosen as the official supplier of the French Presidency at International events 2011 & 2014. The director of Caron House, Anne Caron made history in 2017 as she was awarded the title of Best Roaster in France. This is the first time a woman has won this prestigious award.

Caron House proudly supports local sustainable projects for the coffee farming community….


Goulibeur Biscuits

From the west coast of France Goulibeur have been making butter biscuits since 1976. Exclusively made with local ingredients; wheat flour, fresh butter, fresh eggs, sugar, sea salt and lots of love.


Goulibeur Biscuits


Offer a selection of high quality chocolate coated dry nuts and fruits. The traditional “La Chatine”, a roasted almond cover with chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder is the perfect compliment with your tea or coffee.  These sumptuous treats are always made with chocolate from 100% cacao butter.


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