Caron House

The name of Caron is synonymous with quality coffee in France. It is a renowned brand that was chosen as the official supplier of the French Presidency at international events 2011 & 2014, and has been served to world leaders. Caron coffee has won many awards over the years for the exceptional flavour of its signature blend. Anne Caron, director of Caron House, made history in 2017 as the first woman to be awarded the prestigious title of Best Roaster in France.

Anne Caron is just as passionate about her coffee as her parents, who founded the business. Anne regularly visits the coffee farms to select only the best quality cherries with the most unique flavour notes to be included in their much-loved blend.


The Caron roastery uses a slow roasting technique that preserves and draws out the complex aromas and flavours of their coffee. As with wine, coffee can be from a single variety of tree, or a blend of different varieties and locations. Each roastery creates their own recipes, which gives their blends of coffee their unique taste and personality. The work of a roaster is much like that of an alchemist or a perfumer.


The Caron roastery’s signature blend contains four high-quality Arabica varieties, grown on exceptional farms and picked by hand.  

  • The Huehuetenango from Guatemala brings force and character. The coffee trees benefit from being grown in volcanic soil.
  • The Moka Sidamo of Ethiopia brings a fullness and length in the mouth. This coffee, when roasted, develops flavours of straw, toast, and pine nuts, with a touch of acidity.
  • The El Capitan of Nicaragua brings a note of acidity. This coffee has a balanced sweetness with notes of fruit and caramel.
  • The Brazil from the Cerrado region brings balance. Due to the defined seasons experienced in this region, the coffee cherries mature slowly, giving a balanced character to the roasted beans.


During the roasting process, the blend of these fine coffee varieties develops an extraordinary and complex flavour, mixing notes of acidity and the aroma of the cocoa flower. The coffee beans are roasted according to an ancient slow cooking method which gives Caron Coffee its unique flavour of spices and brioche bread, with a touch of chocolate.

In addition to its signature blend, the Caron roastery produces a unique blend each year, available for one month, called ‘Les éphémeres’. This ‘Mayfly Blend’ reflects the ephemeral life of the Mayfly. The blend won Silver medal at the Best Blend of France 2013 awards and won Best Espresso Blend of France in 2014.


Caron House strongly believes that the relationship between the coffee growers and the roasters is essential in bringing our customers the best possible coffee. In addition to regular visits to the coffee farms, Caron House also proudly supports local development projects. We have found that direct funding of specific local projects ensures that the funds are used to benefit the local community.  

  • Caron House funded the building of a community hall and medical care centre for the coffee farming community in El Duraznito, Guatemala, in 2012. The construction of this facility increases the participation of residents in social activities, facilitates training activities, and makes it easier for locals to access to healthcare.
  • Caron House also funded the building of a well in 2011 to bring fresh water to local coffee farming families. This new well provides clean water for 39 local families, and also provides water for the coffee trees, resulting in better quality coffee.
  • Caron House has funded the construction of two new classrooms for El Duraznito Primary School in Guatemala. Caron also funded the renovation of La Montana school in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, in 2015.