Bialetti Venus Coffee Makers – 6 Cups


The Bialetti Venus stovetop Moka pot produces the same authentic Italian espresso, using the same brewing technique as Bialetti’s original Moka Express. Made from high quality 18/10 food grade stainless steel.  Designed for ease of use as well as elegance the Bialetti Venus has an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle and knob along with Bialetti’s patented safety valve.

Suitable for all kinds of stoves and hobs, please note only the 4, 6 and 10 cup versions are suitable for most* induction hobs.

Cafe 7 cannot guarantee the Bialetti Venus will work on all induction hobs – if you’re looking for a Bialetti espresso maker specifically designed for use on induction hobs we recommend the Bialetti Moka Induction.

Some induction hobs might not detect the coffee maker because it is too small – the 2 cup size is too small to be detected by most.Please check your appliance instructions and ensure that the base diameter of the coffee maker exceeds the minimum recommended by your manufacturer. * See product description for more information.


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Bialetti Venus espresso makers are available in four different sizes:

2, 4, 6 and 10 cups (about 100 ml, 180 ml, 270 ml and 450 ml). A “cup” is roughly equivalent to one espresso – around 45 to 50 ml.

Use and Care.

Although the manufacturer indicates that the coffee maker is compatible with induction hobs, it might not work on some appliances. As mentioned above, the 2 cup Bialetti Venus base is too small (approx. 80cm diameter) to work on most induction appliances.

If you have an induction stove, please check the required minimum bottom diameter for the pot before ordering.

Bialetti Venus Sizes

Cups Brewed coffee Height Base ⌀
4 ~170 ml 170 mm 90 mm
6 ~240 ml 200 mm 100 mm
10 ~480 ml 238 mm 127 mm


Before First Use:

Before using the Bialetti Venus for the first time, it’s a good idea to wash all the parts in hot water first.
We recommend using at least once with water only before using to brew espresso.
It’s really important that you don’t use the handle while unscrewing as this can cause the handle to break.

Making Coffee in the Bialetti Venus:

  • Fill the base with water to just below the level of the safety valve. Be careful not to overfill as the air in the space between the water and the coffee filter is what heats and forces the water up through the coffee. If the water tank is overfilled the result is boiled coffee, with a bitter or burnt taste.
  • Insert the funnel.
  • Loosely fill the funnel with espresso ground coffee, do not press coffee down.
  • Screw the top section firmly to the base.
  • Place the coffeemaker on a low to medium heat. When using on gas adjust the flame so that it does not extend up the side of the pot.
  • It takes only 3 – 6 minutes, depending on the size of the coffeemaker and the intensity of heat, until it’s ready to serve.
  • Remove immediately from the heat once coffee pot is full. Do not allow to boil and do not put on full heat as this may cause the coffee to have a burnt taste.
  • Take apart and hand wash in warm water.

Please note – If you’re looking for a Bialetti espresso maker specifically for use on induction hobs we recommend the Bialetti Moka Induction.

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