Osmane Starry Dream Tea – 40 Sachets Refill Box


“Starry dream” tea is a weakly oxidized Oolong tea. It has beautiful leaves rolled into balls which release buttery and nutty notes when infused. The sweetness of Oolong tea is enhanced by fragrances of vanilla and coconut that bring a touch of pure indulgence to the whole.

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Ingredients : Oolong tea, orange blossom, coconut aroma.
Infusion time: 3-5 min
Recommended temperature: 80-85°C
Tasting: day
Oolong teas are a specialty of Fujian province in China and Taiwan. They can be classified into two categories. The first grouping weakly oxidized teas (10-20%) from a so-called Chinese preparation method and the second with strongly oxidized teas (60-70%) from a so-called Taiwanese preparation. The percentage of oxidation depends on the plantation and there are almost as many kinds of blue-green tea as plantations that produce it. These partially oxidized teas are situated between green teas and black teas and are therefore of great aromatic richness.

“Starry Dream” tea is slightly oxidized and naturally has sweet, vanilla and buttery notes.

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